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Storage and Security

Data storage and security is very important when it comes to

We have implemented below security measures 

Firewall Internet security


Data Protection – Firewall protection keeps your computer safe from intrusion by hackers while it is connected to the internet. It does so by examining the electronic data coming in to and out of your computer.

Using firewall in place, you can set exactly what data can be sent and received from outside world from computers on your network are able to send and receive from the outside world. 



We have set up Gateway Security which prevents unsecured traffic to enter an internal network of any organization. It is used to monitor as well as prevent malicious traffic and data from entering and leaving an organization’s network. Hence, it help in protecting employees from accessing and getting infected by malicious websites, web traffic and viruses etc


Bandwidth managementwork is to divide traffic into different bandwidth classes and then each class will be assigned with a priority. Each of these classesare then guaranteed a maximum and minimum bandwidth. Priorities are assigned depending on various factors like users, source and destination, application or sometimesalso content.

Other Advantages:

  • Seize control of your applications
  • Shut out threats at the Gateway
  • Secure and control your remote access
  • Take command of everything
  • Minimise downtime


We manage and control our staffs in accessing the internet and we protect the internet service in a such a way that staffs can access the internet only for work purpose.

We also get non-disclosure agreement from employees. 

Privacy Policy


In this Privacy Policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to any entity owned or controlled by BS Offshore Accounting Services LLP firm.

We recognise the importance of protecting and maintaining your personal information. We are also committed in providing the highest quality professional service whilst also protecting your privacy.


We collect personal information that is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, its functions or activities. This might include:

  • Name and contact details.
  • Date of birth and gender.
  • Bank account details.
  • Employment details and employment history.
  • Details of your current financial circumstances, including your assets and liabilities (both actual and potential), income, expenditure, investments, insurance cover and superannuation.
  • Documentation used for identification and verification purposes.

We may collect sensitive information about you, for instance, your Tax File Number, health information and professional memberships.   

BS Offshore Accounting Services LLP firm will collect information that is reasonably necessary for the primary purpose of providing a professional service to you and also for complying with our legal obligations. We will only collect sensitive information if it is necessary to provide our services to you. Our firm will collect personal information in reasonable and lawful manner.


BS Offshore Accounting Services LLP firm may send promotional information to its customers where it is related to the purpose for which the information was collected. If the customer no longer wishes to receive such information from us, the customer should advise us.


The storage and security of your personal information and financial data is very important to our firm as we have invested in secure cloud-based storage. We have also taken additional steps and protocols to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We also use Citrix platform to protect the data.
Some of the measures include,

  • Data processed by strict obedience to security standards.
  • Restricted internet access, Mobiles, USB and no other electronic devices are allowed in operational areas.
  • Password controlled and restricted access to your personal information. 
  • Non-disclosure agreement from employees.
  • Training and education relating to data safety and integrity.

Customers are welcome to request their personal information to BS Offshore Accounting Services firm, where as we store the information. To obtain a copy of your personal information, please contact us. We may require personal identification before providing information to you. We will maintain your information until it is no longer required.


If our firm holds information about you for a purpose and knows that the information is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, irrelevant we will take necessary steps to correct the information. If you request us to correct the information we will take reasonable steps to do so.


BS Offshore Accounting Services LLP firm reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify any changes by posting an updated version of the policy on our website.
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